Tuesday, September 30, 2008


new animatic!

Lintscapeanimatic(9/30/08) from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.


So, I haven't posted in a long while. I'm a bit behind in my schedule (about a week's worth of work). I completed two large scale backgrounds in pen (posted below) and I'm beginning to feel that the larger backgrounds are much more compelling (more information) and that perhaps every scene should be on such a scale.
I also experimented with a rudimentary multi-plane to see if a little depth would liven up each shot. The answer is YES!!!!
So, I'm considering going back and redoing all of the previous backgrounds (and therefore puppets, gulp) on a larger scale and multi-planar. Will need feedback from the class.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Buh buh backgrounds

The backgrounds, with appropriate puppets inhabiting them, are unpainted as well. This is for the same reason as the puppets' colorlessness: continuity.
puppet (v2) 1 in bg
puppet 2 in bg
puppet 4 in bg
I'm beginning to think about pushing the 3-dimensionallity of the backgrounds since the puppets have so much more depth. It looks a little odd. Particularly in the first example. Color helps to add depth the the BG, but only nominally. I think I'll have to re-do these BG's so that I can multiplane them. I will also have to carefully consider lighting. Thoughts? Concerns? Questions?


Puppets=mind boggling. Here are the first 5 puppets for the film. They are unpainted as I have decided that the best way to create color continuty between all the puppets will be to paint them at the end. As such, they can not be stitched together either. So, I'm on schedule. Sort of. This animation thing reallly is about problem solving!
puppet 1
puppet 2
puppet 3
puppet 4
Note that puppet 5 (CU hand) has three sets of replacable fingies so that the hand can release some clothing.
hand open
hand half open
hand clench

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So here is my second attempt at using gouache to paint the establishing BG (from the first scene). I switched the composition so it was a little more inviting and interesting. And I have to say, I'm rather please with thing over all... a nice feeling after being so disgusted by my first gouache (or should I say "gauche"?) attempt. I also found that all my work seems a little better after it has been scanned and fussed with in photoshop. Viva la computer!
first bg!!!! wazza!
I probably will go back and touch this up a bit before shooting it with a camera move... and I'm also considering animating the grassy parts with a little real grass. Must test!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here is the puppet prototype. The backing is watercolor paper. To this is glued fabric and whatnot. In this version the skin is watercolor. I might attempt using gouache for a more bold look. The joints are connected using thread and needle. Simple but surprisingly sturdy.
Puppet front proto-type
puppet back proto-type
I will be constructing different puppets from different angles for different shots.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As requested, here is my updated animatic with discussed shots of the extended lint-attack-part. I'm a little bored with some of my camera angles. I thought I liked the campy side scroll look... but now I yawn at it in mild disgust. Perhaps I will re-board some shots before I begin puppet and BG construction.

Animatic 9/2/08 from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.