Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, as I was slipping behind in my schedule, I was also sipping champagne in New York at the Princess Grace Gala. It was quite a high-falutin' event with plenty of ballgowns and pomp. However, the most exciting thing was meeting all the other recipients. It's fun to meet people from other schools and compare experiences. However, animators were in short supply; the only other animator was a statute recipient (she won a initial grant and a works-in-progress grant, and was now being honored for her body of work). Check her out: Rose Bond, she does really cool things with animation projected in buildings.

http://www.rosebond.net/ !!!

Here are two photos of me and my animation being projected on a REALLY huge screen for lots of people. eek! Kinda weird.

Monday, October 20, 2008

bad news and good news

It is at this tragic juncture of the semester that I must inform myself and you (my valued readers) that I am indubitably and irreparably behind schedule. I cannot pretend that I will catch up those missing weeks. At this point I should have animated seven scenes. I have not done this. The good news is that I can make a new schedule!!! Huzzah! And everything will get done. On the sunny side, I will be meeting with an esteemed animator who will give me some much desired advice concerning how exactly to shoot my film. And about precisely what camera, lenses and lighting i will need to procure. So, without further ado, I will provide my revised schedule.

October 28 scenes 1,2,3
November 4 scenes 4,5,6,7
Nov 11 scene 6, 8, 9
nov 18 scene 10,11
nov 25 12, 14,15
december 2 scenes 13, 16
dec 12 scenes 17,18,19
break bg 12 scene 20

I can already hear Sheila's concern for the ambitiousness of this plan, but until I begin animating and actually find the pace too speedy, I'm gong to try and stick to my original pace (between two and four scenes a week).