Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Updated Animatic as of New Year

Here it is buoys and gulls!

Untitled from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.
Note, as discussed in my last post, the CU of the lint attacking the face is not really doing it for me. Also, during final critique I was giving some great advice about pacing the sequence. More time while the woman is stooped over, building tension. And then lots of cuts while the lint attacks. I can do so much more with this.

But for now I must turn my efforts to the final shot of the lint world. I spent a few hours on the phone with Canon support trying to figure out why I couldn't remote capture animation form my camera for more that a minute without it freezing up. We finally decided that the recent update to my operating system probably was creating bugs in the image capture software. Blerg. Gosh apple, why do you always have to show off! We get it already! Anyway, the short of the long story is that I can still use my good old Tiger laptop to capture images. So i'm signing off to do just that! hot dog.


debbie said...

The animation of the lady is fantastic! I LOVE it!

Agree about the pacing of the lint attack buildup. It happens so fast, you don't have time to comprehend what's happening.

Daniela said...

Hi Lady!

WOW(!) - you got SO much done! and it looks amazing. I think your film is really really special. can't wait for the last scene (it sounds so complex!).

I agree with you that the moment where the lint first appears could maybe be more dramatic and a bit longer.

Also - sorry the Rebel is giving you a difficult time. Anyway, I guess you were able to solve that issue in class today... :)

Happy and wonderful 2009!

sheila said...

Caitlin, this is coming along nicely. I do think the moment the lint attacks can be punched up. I remember at one point someone mentioned a possible POV shot from the lint's perspective. I think at the time you weren't sure about the idea, but you may want to think about it. It would be nice to add some drama the first moment the lint appears.

I hope you can resolve your technical issues.

sheila said...

Caitlin- Dave gave me some of his sticky wax to give you. That may help a little.