Monday, February 23, 2009


This animatic gave me so many problems. phooey. I finally had to export it at a poor quality so that it would be small enough to upload to vimeo without being canceled. Apologies. I finally figured out how to import the jpeg sequences at 24fps, so the film's tempo is far less hectic. Also included is the very exciting beginning of a soundtrack! Finally, it's starting to come alive. I also, played around with some color correction in the scene where she begins to unload the washing machine into the dryer. I am currently re-shooting the lint attack scene with articulate hand puppets. It's amazing how much hands can show a character's emotion and fear.

Untitled from Caitlin Craggs on Vimeo.


:Debbie said...

Wow. Great job animating the death dance (when the lint attacks the lady). It reads really well. So fun.

sheila said...

Beautiful Caitlin! I think the sound works nicely at the beginning. There is one shot before she empties the dryer that is only a couple of frames long. (Her facing the camera.) Can you extend it?

Nice work!!!

yritag said...

Hi Caitlin!
I attended the Animation Block Party Festival recently and I really loved your short film. I had a film in the mix, too. It's called "Taste" ( Anyway, great work! Your film was one of my favorites. I really loved the look and feel of it.